The Land Mark Space working Environment is prepared to suit your business and meet all your needs.  We provide the offices with Fashionable designs, convenient to look and Attractive business environment .Also the office furniture has been carefully chosen to enjoy your business.

Communication and Internet

All over the Land Mark Space, you will reach high speed of internet service. Your office – hallways – reception – lounge – meeting rooms. Phones are also available in all offices and meeting rooms.

Reply and communication services, Voice mail, voice message box.


Meeting Rome

It is provided with high level of modern technology, visual displays and communications.

Sound insulation

The offices and meeting rooms are designed in a way that avoid the noise and Sound leakage to the other adjoining offices, which giving you full privacy to manage your business in quit working environment.


A hospitality environment is available for you to enjoy all kinds of tea, coffee with self-service or through our dedicated team to serve you and your customers.


Access to offices

Smart systems have been provided to enter your office through your card, which allows you to enter the building and equip it with the warehouse.


Additional Services

Online video communication.
Live streaming services.
Legal consulting Services.
Saudi Founding Services.
Foreign investment.
Advertising services.
Mail receiving and sending services.
Catering Services.
Delivery and private driver services.
Services of reception and deportation of Jeddah Airport Executive Lounge.

Building services


parking 24/7


Gym and health club

Coffee shop

Coffee shop and snacks



ATM machine

ATM machine


Mosque Muslim






Security system